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Tiffany Abraham
Full-stack developer. Alumna of Flatiron School's Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp. Portfolio:

Jan 6, 2021

Thousands of domestic terrorists raid the U.S. capital building, with the blessing of president Trump

Capitol Police aim their guns as domestic terrorists attempt to storm the chamber. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

OS X is Dead — ARM is Coming

React + Redux — Source

What is Redux?

Setup Backend

I’ve always had a fascination with Cybersecurity, an interest that peaked years ago, prior to being a software developer in coding bootcamp.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Defining Vulnerabilities & Exploits

Unlike vanilla JavaScript where addEventListener is used to add event listeners to the DOM element after the element is created, React makes it easier. Simply add a listener when the element is initially rendered, like-so:

function ActionLink() {
function handleClick(e) {
console.log('The link was clicked.');

return (
<a href="#" onClick={handleClick}>
Click me

Some of the many types of event listeners in React include:

Keyboard Events:

Form Events:

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

(Note: This is Part 1 of an ongoing blog series, this post covers the foundations of setting up a Rails/JavaScript single page web application)


  • A user can create an account
  • A user can see a list of cars with car details (from the database) and add multiple cars to their…


Advanced support for Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, ERB, HAML, CSS, Sass, and more

Intelligent auto-completion

GIF of an Animated person frantically typing code
GIF of an Animated person frantically typing code
Me at 3 am trying to pass lab tests on enumerables…and failing

Tiffany Abraham

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